Dins Day Social Media Toolkit

We are relying on the Furman Family to help us push through during this time of uncertainty. Increase your impact for students by sharing your support for Furman through your social networks! Be sure to tag @FurmanAlumni on Facebook or @Furman_Alumni on Instagram and Twitter. Not sure what to say? Use some of our sample phrases below or tell your own story about how Furman has impacted you.

Sample Social Media Posts:

  • This #DinsDay, the Furman Family is coming together to support Furman students. Join me in making a gift today #ForFurman at Furman.edu/DinsDay.
  • I just made my #DinsDay gift to support [insert designation] because I’m so thankful for the opportunites Furman provided for me and I'm excited to help provide those opportunities for future Paladins. Make your donation to the area you love most: Furman.edu/DinsDay
  • During this time of uncertainty, Furman needs our help more than ever. Join me in making a gift to support Furman students today: Furman.edu/DinsDay
  • Hey fellow Paladins! Join me on #DinsDay in giving back to the place that has given us so much. Furman.edu/DinsDay
  • I just made my gift to help Furman provide the resources necessary for students to thrive. Join me in supporting Furman students by making your #DinsDay gift at Furman.edu/DinsDay.
Be sure to show your support for Dins Day by using one of the graphics below!